DRS Dermaroller with 540 Needles - Length 0.50mm

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The device is suitable for use exclusively in healthy skin of adult humans. Intensive sunlight must be avoided before and for some time after the treatment. Depending on the intensity of treatment, redness and swelling of the skin may be observed for a few hours up to some days after the treatment. This is normal and temporary.

The average thickness of facial skin is 1.50 mm. Devices with needles longer than 1.50 mm are not necessary / suitable for the facial skin. Needles starting from 0.75mm are not suitable for beginners and / or home use. The persons who cannot be treated: Persons who have been treated with Isotretion / Retinol within the last 3 months, persons who have open wounds, cuts or abrasions, persons currently suffering from Herpes Simplex (cold sores) or any other chronic skin infection in the treatment area, persons who do not have any sensations in the treatment area (nerve damage), persons who have a history of wound healing disorders/ Keloid formation and pregnant women.

Clean and disinfect the device before and after each treatment. Disinfect the skin area to be treated with an appropriate disinfectant prior to treatment. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Discontinue the treatment if your skin is hypersensitive.

Important: A quality moisturizer should always be applied to the treated skin after using the Dermaroller. Store the device carefully and dry in the supplied container in a manner that the needles do not rest. Please read the supplied instructions carefully. They contain important information about what you must do when using the DRS device.

DRS Dermaroller with 540 Needles - Length 0.50mm
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