TITU London Baby Home Safety Pack - 24 Piece

Titu London
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Baby Home Safety Set (24 pieces kit) 10 Plug Protectors 4 Adjustable Locks 4 Table Corner Guards 2 Finger Pinch Guards | 2 Locks for Double Doors Cabinet 2 Angle Drawer Locks Keep Your Child Safe!

As parents, we know that baby and child proofing is important in ensuring the safety and well being of our little ones. Small children, toddlers, and crawling babies love to explore and their curiosity often lead them to objects, places, and rooms where they can get hurt. Home equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, potential danger lurks around every corner.Take control and implement child-proof locks and other childproofing products to make your home safe for your child.

24 pieces baby safety kit will transform your home into a child proof haven

- Quick, easy, mess-free installation; no tools required

- Durable childproofing kit

- Simple design accentuates home equipment

- 10 Plug Protectors, 4 Adjustable Locks, 4 Table Corner Guards, 2 Finger Pinch Guards, 2 Locks for Double Doors Cabinet, 2 Angle Drawer Locks offer varied protection throughout the home.

Easy to Use and Install

- Plug Protectors can be placed into socket with one push. 

- Adjustable Locks secure your child by locking cabinets, appliances, drawers, refrigerators, trash cans, toilet seats, etc. It will take just a couple of minutes to install the locks.

- Table Corner Guards will protect your loved baby against painful bumps from sharp furniture corners. Suitable for all kinds of sharp corners.

- Finger Pinch Guards are made from soft EVA foam and is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers from getting pinched or jammed due to a door closing.

- Locks for Double Doors effectively ensure that your child will not be able to open most double cabinet doors.

- 90 Angle Drawer Safe Locks can lock automatically when the drawer is closed. Easy for adults to open but very hard for children.

TITU London Baby Home Safety Pack - 24 Piece
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